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Join hands with Hay Group to open a new chapter for HR development of Huabao


Standing at the new strategic height, human capital has become the leading factor in the creation of enterprise values. The Group has joined hands with the world-renowned HR consulting company—Hay Group to comprehensively enhance its HR system: value creation, value assessment and value distribution. On the morning of July 16, the consulting project launch meeting was held at the headquarters of Huabao, and the top management and heads of all departments of the group were present.

Mr. XIA Liqun, President of the Group said, “In the first year of the second-time startup of Huabao, in accordance with the new strategic demands, we choose to join hands with Hay Group to optimize and improve our HR system, build up position and rank system, position value evaluation, group management and control, compensation design & performance management and long-term motivation mechanisms to enhance internal fairness of compensation and improve external competitiveness and motivate the value creation of human capitals. All departments shall actively coordinate with the project and effectively integrate scientific consulting methods with the actual situations of the Group to promote the accomplishment of the strategic target of the Group. 

Hay Group is a leading globalized management consulting company in the industry with a history of 72 years. Hay Group is good at helping enterprises put into practice their strategies by establishing highly-efficient organizational structure, making position and compensation design, using leadership and talent management. On the occasion of the first year of the Huabao’s strategic update and transformation, it is expected that the cooperation could promote the enhancement of the HR of Huabao and maximally motivate the subjective initiative of all employees, give play to their potentials and help Huabao accomplish its grand blueprint as soon as possible. 

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