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Hengxin Analysis Succeeded in Passing the Field Review of CNAS


During August 13 to 14, 2015, the assessment panel of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) paid a visit to Hengxin Analysis for field review. The assessment panel was composed of 3 CNAS specialists. The assessment involved the operation of the laboratory management system, implementation of the system standard, field inspection over the laboratories, field examination of their analysis technology and ability, examination over the personnel in key positions and many others.

During the assessment, the specialists paid a visit and conducted field review over the laboratories. They reviewed the documents pertinent to the management elements and technology elements that were required by the accreditation criteria, and also performed an examination and assessment over the authorized signatory, QC head, technical owner, internal auditor and the personnel in other key positions. Via field test, question-asking, retrieval of records and other methods, they conducted an examination and assessment over all the technological capacities that the laboratories had applied for accreditation.

The assessment panel gave an affirmation to all the items that Hengxin Analysis had applied for accreditation after the field review was done, and also put forward the follow-up rectification requirements. At last, the assessment was ended up with a Pass.

The success in passing the field review of CNAS marked that the laboratory testing capability of Hengxin Analysis was further accredited by the State and the industry and also signified that the laboratory construction and management of Hengxin Analysis stepped onto a new height.
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