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Stand Point Vapor Participate in London TABEXPO


During October 21st to 23rd, 2015, Stand Point Vapor (SPV) paid a visit to London to participate in TABEXPO, where SPV not only won the most concerns by virtue of its excellent marketing tools, but also came across Chinese President Xi Jinping at the EXPO when he paid a state visit to Britain, making the corporate visit full of surprises.

TABEXPO was a long-standing tobacco exposition that is held every four years. TABEXPO has a good approach for all new tobacco enterprises to cut a figure. For this point, SPV became the contractor for the exposition restaurant that high-end tobacco enterprises would like to go and melted SPV elements into ornaments of the restaurant: exquisite napkins, unique sun umbrella and the SPV logo everywhere. Such dense SPV brand atmosphere allowed all visitors to feel the passion of SPV. At the evening of 21st, SPV also held the official dinner for the TABEXPO, i.e. SPV GALA DINNER and came across Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lay Peng Liyuan at the same site surprisingly.

As a new Chinese electronic cigarette enterprise, SPV has left a glorious evening at this 800-year old British landmark. Through the TABEXPO, tobacco guests from across the world will keep the name of SPV in their mind and SPV would develop a new field on its way to internationalization. 

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