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Xiamen Amber Attended at the 10th Xiamen International Buddhist Supplies Expo with a Totally-new Image


During October 15 th to 19 th, Xiamen Amber took part in the 10th Xiamen International Buddhist Supplies (Fall) Expo with a totally-new image. It’s the 10th anniversary of Xiamen International Buddhist Supplies Expo of China. The total exhibition area of the Expo this year reached 110,000 square meters and a total of 6,000 internationally standardized booths were set. The unprecedentedly grand scale refreshed the historical records of the Expo once again.

“Making your body and mind ease” was the theme of Xiamen Amber for the Expo, which meant your body, behavior and mind would be made ease when you smelled the fragrance, seeming like the calmness you could feel when you listen to the Heart Sutra. According to the theme, the design for the exhibition room was simple, generous, environmental-friendly, fashionable, creative and elegant. At the Expo, We also showed audiences a totally-new VIS image, an image that represented a listed Xiamen Amber.

      Under the spirit of consistent innovation, we developed various natural sandalwood products for the Expo and took the lead in the industry, so that we were highly recognized by both new and old customers. This has not only raised Xiamen Amber’s popularity and boosted its image in the industry, but also strengthened the leading role of Amber brand in the fragrance field.
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