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Tiger Pan Package Design Studio Paid a Visit to Huabao for Cooperation and Exchange


Leaders and related personnel of Shanghai Huabao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. received a three-member team led by President PAN from Tiger Pan Package Design Studio at the Headquarters Office Building of Huabao Group at 10:00 a.m. of Nov. 3rd. Tiger Pan Package Design Studio is a leader in package design of high-end consumables, with rich experience and expertise in design of cigarette package and overall design for cigarette. An in-depth discussion and exchange on cigarette design and application of new materials to cigarette design was made between the both parties.

Firstly, the technical personnel of Huabao Biological Technology made an introduction of the company and some of its key products that were being sold and developed to the visitors from Tiger Pan Package Design Studio, and then President PAN’s team was led to visit the product exhibition hall located in the Headquarters Office Building to get a further understanding of the new materials used in cigarette. A special exchange and discussion was carried out between both parties on design and development of cigarette. The partnership, the short-term cooperation direction and the promotion plan of new products were nailed down and the parties promised to develop a much closer cooperation in future.

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