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Huabao International Holdings Limited Invested 178.8 million HKD to buy 51% shares of VMR PRODUCT


On Dec.9,,2015, Huabao International Holdings Limited announced to spend $22.95 million dollars (about 178.8 million HKD) to buy 51% shares of VMR PRODUCT(hereinafter referred to as VMR),which is the independent e-cigarette enterprise with best sales around the world. This is the first major investment for VMR so far.

VMR is founded in 2009 and dedicated in design, manufacture and sales of vapor e-cigarette, now taking a leading position in the world. VMR is headquartered in Miami, its flagship brands include V2?, V2 Pro?, Vapour2?, and Vapor Couture?, are sold in more than 30 countries. VMR is also the first independent e-cigarette producer in the world and specialized in overall design, produce and distribute of e-cigarette and also an OEM manufacturer for many famous brands, including Zig-Zag?, OCB?, ECG?, QuickDraw?, and SPV?. It is also the only e-cigarette company to employ a vertically integrated business model, managing its entire product life cycle to ensure the highest commitment to quality control and customer service.

V2.com? has maintained its leading position since 2011. The company has distinguished itself as an industry leader with its ever-expanding product lines, powerful production ability and great taste. VMR now is the first on-line retailer of e-cigarette and boasts over 55,000 entity sales outlets.

The business structure and development orientation of VMR is significantly complementary to that of Huabao International Holdings Limited and both companies could join hands in product technology, marketing, R&D, sales channels and supply chain management and so on in the future, which is consistent with the long-term development strategy of Huabao International Holdings Limited. The successful acquisition of VMR marks a key step of Huabao International Holdings Limited in its strategic layout of new cigarette products and the exploration of international market, and meanwhile starts its overseas acquisition and market internationalization process.

Official Website of VMR PRODUCT:www.vmrproducts.com

Online Store of VMR PRODUCT: www.V2.com

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