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Huabao Peacock, Guangzhou Huabao and Zhaoqing Spice under Huabao Group Attend 2016FIC


On Mar. 23, 2016, the 20th Food Ingredients China 2016 (FIC2016) was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Huabao Peacock, Guangzhou Huabao and Zhaoqing Spice under the Food Division of Huabao International attended the exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibition stands of Huabao International attracted a great number of audiences. The design of stands with scientific and technological fashion perfectly integrates the traditional manufacturer image of Huabao International with modern designs, creating a strong visual impact and reflecting the enterprise culture of Huabao International to carry out scientific and technological innovation in pace with the times and its great vision to make continuous breakthrough and innovations in its development as pioneer of delicious life.

Closely following the trend of market development, the three subsidiaries released a series of new products during the exhibition and have attracted the attention of a great number of participating audience, who have expressed their intention of procurement and cooperation.

The exhibition lasted three days and was rounded off on Mar. 25. Huabao International Food Division shows its brand new image of business, which has left deep impression on the audience and was well received in the industry.

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