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“Safety and Production” Fire-drill Went Smoothly in Guangdong Golden Leaf Technology & Development Co., Ltd (GD GL)


A fire broke out in Warehouse A9 of the Company. One employee was trapped in the fire and whether he would survive was uncertain! Recently, the fire brigades of each village and town and other rescue organizations were convened by the fire brigade of Chaoyang District, Shantou City to hold a “safety and production” fire-fighting and rescue drill in GD GL and achieved a complete success. 

It was reported that the drill was initiated by the fire brigade of Chaoyang District, Shantou City and organized by GD GL with an aim to practice firefighters’ abilities in fire-fighting battles, strengthen the Company’s awareness of safety and identify the hidden fire hazards of the Company by fire simulation. More than 60 firefighters participated in the drill and 8 fire engines were dispatched to complete a series of fire-fighting and rescue activities including answering alarms, evacuation, smoke extraction, demolishing, rescue, first aid and fire-fighting. The drill took 51 minutes in total and achieved a complete success at last.

As the organizer, GD GL would like to seize the opportunity to deliver a lively safety training to all production people, so as to raise their awareness of safety and help relevant executives develop the capabilities to detect risks and cope with fire hazards. After the drill was over, while strictly adhering to the rule of “safety first”, the safety managers of the Company made a thorough check of the fire risks within the Company under the guidance of the firefighters.

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