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The Training for the Third Batch of Cigarette Flavorists Was Delivered at Huafang Owada


From May 9th to 27th, the second-semester training for the third batch of cigarette flavorists was delivered at Huafang Owada, the Cigarette Flavorist Training Base of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. 

Supported by the training base, the training for cigarette flavorists focused on the fostering of cigarette flavorists’ capabilities and tried to set up a clear-positioning, well-organized and interconnected training system to facilitate the sustainable development of talented flavorists. The training would foster a group of flavorists that can meet the needs of enterprises to prepare fragrance, make innovations and develop their own unique style.

Courses and lectures involving Natural Product Chemistry, QC and Management of Flavors and Fragrances, Botanical Resources of Natural Perfume, Recognition and Classification of Tobacco Flavor Raw Materials, Sensory Evaluation Method and Research of Tobacco Taste Features have been set up in this semester. The smooth going of the training for cigarette flavorists secured the fostering of the talents to meet the needs of the industrial growth. 

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