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Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Won Three Awards at the “11th Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies”


On May 13, Securities Times released the winner list of the 11th Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies. Since being listed, Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) has constantly perfected its governance structure, given full play to the key role of the board of directors, strictly abided by the requirements of standard operation, and at the same time attached great importance to the investor relations, established diversified communication channels with the majority of investors and continued to pay cash dividends to actively reward the investors in the two years since its being listed, thus successfully winning the three awards including “the Best Investor Relations Company Award”, “the Best ChiNext Board of Directors Award” and “the Best ChiNext Secretary of the Board Award”.

The Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies is a selection activity for investor relations of Chinese listed companies, which is sponsored by Securities Times, guided by China Securities Investor Services Center and organized by China Listed-companies Development Association Company Limited and egs.stcn.com. This year’s “Tianma Award” is the first selection after the implementation of the new Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China. When exploring concept problems, such as the core elements of domestic investor relations and the accurate reflection of the status of investor relations management of Chinese listed companies through relevant data, it combines the new Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China, the investor relations system of the listed companies, the practical experience of investor relations management in overseas markets and the professional opinions of all previous juries. It is an epitome of the achievements of listed companies in corporate governance, strategic planning, corporate culture, brand public praise, investment value, investor protection and many other aspects

The listed companies participating in the award competition are selected through six steps, including compliance & qualification screening, company application, institution recommendation, online voting, jury review and exchange review. Thereinto, “the Best Investor Relations Company Award” is conferred to 100 listed companies out of 3,760 A-share listed companies in China (by the end of 2019), with an award rate of only 2.65%. “The Best ChiNext Board of Directors Award” and “the Best ChiNext Secretary of the Board Award” are screened out from the 791 A-share ChiNext listed companies (by the end of 2019), with the award rates of 5.06% and 7.59% respectively. After the completion of the first full fiscal year following the IPO, the Company participated in the selection for the first time and finally stood out, which demonstrated that the capital market highly recognized the Company’s work in corporate governance, standard operation and investor relations management.

In the future, the Company will continue to uphold the corporate vision of “Flavor Your Life”, practice the craftsmanship spirit and the standard operation concept, further strengthen investor relations management, strengthen and expand the Company’s main business by constantly improving its core competitiveness and comprehensive performance, and reward our investors. The Company will seize the historical opportunity of domestic consumption upgrading and the rapid development of the industry, and strive to become a global leader in the flavours & fragrances industry.

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