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Project Team has been Established by Guangdong Golden Leaf to Promote the Technological Research & Design of A Special Reconstituted Tobacco Production Line

Correspondent /Guangpeng Situ


In order to complete the technological research and design of a special reconstituted tobacco production line, intensify the promotion of special reconstituted tobacco, fulfill the mentality of innovative thinking of the Corporate Group, Guangdong Golden Leaf Co. has recently established a project team of technological design and research for the special reconstituted tobacco production line. The project team will develop technological plan and equipment selection scheme of based on a productivity of 6,000 t special reconstituted tobacco per year and ensure the progress of the project.

After two years’ unremitting efforts, a 2,000t/a special reconstituted tobacco pilot line of Guangdong Golden Leaf has been validated with relevant rebuild completed. Through the pilot line, the company has accumulated abundant data and experience and the product is broadly acknowledged by other companies within the industry while having technical communication with them. Currently, the special reconstituted tobacco pilot line has met the preliminary production requirements. With the organization of the project team, advantages of Guangdong Golden Leaf will be magnified on the basis of previous experience and new core products and technology will be developed to further improve the core competence of the company.


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