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Products of Huafang Owada Co. are rated as ‘high-tech products of Guangdong Province’

Correspondent /Linji Qiu


In December 2014, Huafang Owada Co. has received certificates of high-tech products that issued by Guangdong Provincial High-tech Enterprises Association. Three products, which are ‘Low Nicotine Tobacco Absolute Oil’, ‘Natural humectant Micro Capsule’ and ‘Natural Aromatic Oil With Special Characteristics’, have been identified as high-tech products.

The great honor is not only acknowledgement of the company's technology, but also a reflection of technological innovation capability of the company. It has also enhanced the company's reputation and laid a good foundation for the high-tech enterprises preferential policies.

The company will continue to make innovations of technology, management and service to prepare for the sustainable development for long-term and create a better future for Huabao.


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