Bills Mimi Walters Voted For

Roll Call Votes, 115th Congress (2017-2018)

updated 11/11/17


H.R.2201 - Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act

Amends the Securities Act of 1933 to exempt certain micro-offerings from state regulation of securities offerings and federal prohibitions related to interstate solicitation.   Opponents says it would put investors at risk by allowing companies to sell unregistered securities without important guardrails that normally apply to such transactions.

Date Passed by House:  11/9/17


H.R.3043 - Hydropower Policy Modernization Act of 2017

Its supporters say it would modernize the regulatory permitting process and encourage the expansion of hydropower generation by improving administrative efficiency, accountability, and transparency; promoting new hydropower infrastructure; requiring balanced, timely decision making; and reducing duplicative oversight.  Opponents say "This bill is a devastating assault on our nation’s rivers and the people and wildlife that depend upon them. Its passage would end 95 years of balance in hydropower licensing, tipping the scales against taxpayers and in favor of huge utilities.”

Date Passed by House:  11/8/17



H.R. 3441  Save Local Business Act

Changes the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to clarify that two or more employers must have "actual, direct, and immediate" control over employees to be considered joint employers. The bill aims to kill the new standard created by a 2015 ruling in which the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said a company is considered a "joint-employer" with a contractor if it has "indirect" control over the terms and conditions of employment or has the "reserved authority to do so." … Republicans have offered similar legislation in the past to change the definition created by the NLRB ruling, but the new bill goes a step further, changing the definition of an employer in both the NLRA and the FSLA.  The Democrats on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce say the bill "enables unscrupulous employers to avoid their legal responsibilities under the NLRA and FLSA, while denying employees recourse for violations of law and inflicting collateral damage to adversely impacted businesses."

Date Passed by House:  11/7/17


H.R. 3922 CHAMPION (Community Health And Medical Professionals Improve Our Nation) Act of 2017

Extends funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program), Community Health Centers and several other important public health programs.   Creates offsets (strongly opposed by Democrats), including: increasing premiums for Medicare beneficiaries with income of more than $500,000, shortening the grace period during which premiums can be paid on ACA subsidized coverage, reducing funding available for the Prevention and Public Health Fund by $6.35 billion, and removing some lottery winners from the Medicaid rolls.  (Not expected to pass in the Senate.) 

Date Passed by House 11/3/17


H.R. 849 Protecting Seniors Access to Medicare Act  

Amends the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to terminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which has never been appointed, but is supposed to be tasked with developing proposals to reduce the per capital rate of growth in Medicare spending under specified circumstances.  The Congressional Budget Office doesn't expect appointment of the board to be triggered until 2021. The IPAB's recommendations are limited to matters affecting Medicare and the IPAB is prohibited from making recommendations that ration care; change eligibility; increase cost-sharing, premiums, or taxes; or reduce benefits.  

Date Passed by House 11/2/17


H.R. 2936 Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017

Claims to promote forest health and reduce wildfire risk on public lands by providing broad exemptions from environmental analyses required under the National Environmental Policy Act, restricting judicial review of certain forest management activities, amending the Equal Access to Justice Act to limit payment of attorney’s fees, and scaling back the wildlife conservation efforts of the Endangered Species Act.

Date Passed by House 11/1/17


H.R. 732 Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2017  Prohibits non-profits and charities from being able to receive compensation, as part of settlements, from corporations found to have committed widespread harm to the public.

Date Passed by House 10/24/17


H.R.469 - Sunshine for Regulations and Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act of 2017  An “anti-regulation” bill that's aimed at countering the "sue and settle" phenomenon in which Republicans say special interests sue friendly agencies in order to force them to negotiate behind closed doors and ultimately settle disputes through regulations. The bill would require a 60 day period of public comment on proposed consent decrees or settlements, and the use of alternative dispute resolution processes that include industry and other stakeholders in the negotiations.

Date Passed by House 10/26/17


S. 585  Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017

Provides additional protections to Federal employees who are retaliated against for disclosing waste, fraud, or abuse in the Federal Government. Additionally, the bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to address agency-specific gaps in its protection of VA employees, including VA employees’ privacy interest in their medical records and their personal safety. The legislation is named in honor of Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick, a whistleblower who questioned excessive prescription practices at the VA Medical Center in Tomah, Wisconsin and who took his own life after being fired.

Date Passed By Senate 5/25/17. 

Date Passed By House 10/12/17. 

Date Date Signed Into Law by President  10/26/17


H.R. 36  Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 

Amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime for any person to perform or attempt to perform an abortion if the probable post-fertilization age of the fetus is 20 weeks or more.  A violator is subject to criminal penalties—a fine, up to five years in prison, or both.  The bill provides exceptions for an abortion: (1) that is necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman, or (2) when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. A physician who performs or attempts to perform an abortion under an exception must comply with specified requirements.  A woman who undergoes a prohibited abortion may not be prosecuted for violating or conspiring to violate the provisions of this bill.

Date Passed by House 10/3/17


H.Con.Res. 71 

Establishes the congressional budget for the federal government for FY2018 and sets forth budgetary levels for FY2019-FY2027.  Includes reconciliation instructions that would shield a tax bill from a filibuster in the Senate, requiring only 50 votes.  Also calls for trillions of dollars in spending cuts, including to Medicare and Medicaid, and calls for a tax plan that would not add to the deficit.

Date Passed by House 10/5/17

Date Passed by Senate 10/19/2017

Senate Amended bill Passed by House 10/26/17


H.R. 3823  Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017  

Reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for six months, provides tax benefits for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, reauthorizes certain expiring health programs, and includes provisions to increase the availability of private flood insurance for individuals in flood zones.

Date Passed by House 9/28

Date Passed by Senate 9/28/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 9/29/17


H.R. 2792  Control Unlawful fugitive Felons Act of 2017

Prohibits individuals with outstanding arrest warrants for a felony or parole violation from receiving monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.  Creates a severe new punishment - loss of basic income - for individuals who have only been accused of a crime - not tried or convicted - and whom law enforcement did not seek to arrest after being notified of their whereabouts and their receipt of Social Security or SSI.

Date Passed by House 9/28


H.R. 2824  Increasing Opportunity Through Evidence-Based Home Visiting Act

Reauthorizes the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV), a federal and state partnership supporting family and child home visiting programs to enhance early childhood development.  Includes a new state match that Republicans see as adding funding but advocates see as a potential roadblock for continuation of services in some states.

Date Passed by House 9/26


H.R.3354 Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2018

Decreases FY2018 appropriations for the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies below FY2017 levels.  Compared to FY2017 funding levels, the bill increases funding for the the Department of Health and Human Service's Indian Health Service (IHS) and the Smithsonian Institution, while decreasing funding for the Department of the Interior, the Environment Protection Agency, and the Forest Service.  The bill also includes several provisions that negatively affect funding in areas such as protection from greenhouse gas emissions, air and water quality, and protection of endangered species.  

Date Passed by House 9/14/17

H.R.3697 Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act  

Calls for the deportation of any immigrant, legal or illegal, who is a member of a criminal street gang and would authorize the State Department to impose sanctions on nations that refuse to cooperate with deportation proceedings. Additionally, the bill ensures that criminal alien gang members are not eligible for immigration benefits, such as asylum, special immigrant juvenile status and temporary protected status.

Date Passed by House 9/14/17

H.R. 601 Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018 and Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017

Introduced and passed by voice vote in the House in January 2017 as, the "Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act or the READ Act," but in September 2017 HR 601 became the "vehicle for supplemental appropriations for disaster relief, increasing the debt limit, and funding the government through a continuing resolution."

9/6/17  Date Passed by the House (voice vote)

9/7/17  Date Amended and Passed in the Senate

9/8/17  Date the Amended Senate Version Passed by the House (roll call vote)

9/8/17 Date Signed Into Law by President


H.R. 3180 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018   A sweeping intelligence authorization bill that supports critical national security programs, including those addressing counterterrorism and cyberattacks.  It also requires the intelligence community to provide reports to Congress regarding future threats to federal elections and Russia's effort to influence foreign elections, and requires reports on investigations stemming from the leak of classified information.  The bill states that it's the sense of Congress that agencies should submit prompt, written notification to the intelligence committees after becoming aware that an individual in the executive branch has disclosed classified information outside established channels to an official of North Korea, Iran, China, Russia or Cuba.

Date Passed by House 7/28/17


S. 114  Reauthorizes funding for the Veterans Choice Program, which pays for veterans to see a private doctor if they are facing long waits or travel times, as well as new funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs for enhancing workforce recruitment and retention, and the authorization of 28 major medical facility leases.

Date Passed by House 7/28/17

Date Passed by Senate 5/25/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 8/12/17


H.R. 3219 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2018 

Date Passed by House 7/27/17


*H.J. Res. 111   Nullifies an Obama-era rule due to go into effect September 2017 that would have prohibited arbitration agreements in financial products and services from barring class action suits.

Date Passed by House 7/25/17

Date Passed by Senate 10/24/17


H.R. 218 King Cove Road Land Exchange Act  Authorizes a land exchange between the Department of the Interior and the State of Alaska for the purpose of building a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, to address the transportation and medical needs of King Cove, a town of approximately 1000 people. 

Date Passed by House 7/20/17


H.R. 2910 Promoting Interagency Coordinator for Review of Natural Gas Pipelines   Speeds up the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s natural gas pipeline review process by placing additional requirements on relevant federal, state and local agencies, including concurrent reviews with deadlines, to help streamline the process in siting interstate natural gas pipelines, but may deprive private landowners and local governments and agencies of their ability to contest the siting of these facilities. 

Date Passed by House 7/19/17


H.R. 2883 Promotion Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Act   Establishes coordinated procedures to authorize the construction, connection, operation, and maintenance of international border-crossing facilities for the import and export of oil and natural gas and the transmission of electricity, substantially weakening the process for federal approval and environmental and safety review by narrowing NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) applicability to just the sliver of the project actually crossing the border.

Date Passed by House 7/19/17


H.R. 806 Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017 Called the “Smoggy Skies Act” by opponents, cuts all air quality standards reviews (not just ozone) so that they are performed every 10 rather than every 5 years, and delays the deadline for air quality ground level ozone (smog) compliance for a decade, from 2015 to 2025.

Date Passed by House 7/18/17 


H.R. 2810 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018  Authorizes $695 billion on military spending for the upcoming fiscal year, to grow the size of the armed forces by about 87,000 personnel, enable the acquisition of new technologies like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter while upgrading existing weapon systems, and give all military personnel a 2.4 percent pay raise.

Date Passed by House 7/14/17

Date Passed by Senate 9/18/17


H.R. 23 Gaining Responsibility on Water Act of 2017  Multiple measures to alleviate drought in California, with some encroaching on California's states' rights and also putting endangered species at risk.

(Walters was a co-sponsor of this bill)

Date Passed by House 7/12/17


H.R. 3003 No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.  Toughens the penalties for sanctuary cities.

Date Passed by House 6/29/17


H.R. 3004 Kate’s Law  Expands the already severe penalties for illegal reentry of deported felons .

Date Passed by House 6/29/17


H.R. 1215 Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 Limits health care lawsuits related to coverage provided through a federal program.

Date Passed by House 6/28/17


H..R. 2842 Accelerating Individuals into the Workforce Act.    Helps connect Americans looking for work with the employers looking to fill job openings, including through apprenticeships and other forms of on-the-job training.

Date Passed by House 6/23/17


H.R. 1654 Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act  Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to coordinate Federal and State permitting processes related to the construction of new surface water storage projects on lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture and to designate the Bureau of Reclamation as the lead agency for permit processing.  Opponents say it would create an ill-conceived new review process at odds with the existing re-view process established under key laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Date Passed by House 6/22/17


H.R. 1873 Electricity Reliability and Forest Protection Act  Enhances the reliability of the electricity grid and reduce the threat of wildfires to and from electric transmission and distribution facilities on Federal lands by facilitating vegetation management on such lands.  However, it allows states and localities to dictate how U.S. public lands are managed and shifts liability for wildfire damage from utility companies to the taxpayers.

Date Passed by House 6/21/17


H.R. 2579 Broader Options for Americans Act  Allows people who lose their jobs to receive tax credits under the American Health Care Act (HR 1628) for continued coverage (COBRA).

Date Passed by House 6/15/17


S. 1094 Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017.    Provides for the removal or demotion of employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs based on performance or misconduct.

Date Passed by House 6/13/17

Date Passed by Senate 6/6/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 6/23/17


H.R. 2581 Verify First Act  Withholds Obamacare subsidies from people until their citizenship is verified through social security numbers.  Not all individuals who are eligible for tax credits have an SSN; some, like newborns, may not have an SSN at the time their family applies on their behalf and would experience delays in accessing health coverage as a result of this bill.

Date Passed by House 6/13/17


H.R. 10 Financial CHOICE Act of 2017   This 593 page bill would dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and gut the financial regulations created in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Date Passed by House 6/8/17


H.R. 2213 - Anti-Border Corruption Reauthorization Act of 2017  Allows for waiving of the polygraph examination requirement for certain applicants for U.S. Customs and Border Protection jobs.

Date Passed by House 6/7/17


H.R.1761 - Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017  Criminalizes the knowing consent of the visual depiction, or live transmission, of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.  Addresses a loophole in the current law concerning intent, but would subject more individuals, including young people prosecuted for "sexting," to substantial mandatory prison sentences.

Date Passed by House 5/25/17


H.R. 1973 Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act of 2017   Bi-partisan bill to prevent the sexual abuse of minors and amateur athletes by requiring the prompt reporting of sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities.

Date Passed by House 5/25/17


H.R. 953 Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2017  Amends the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Clean Water Act (CWA) to clarify that it is the intent of Congress that pesticides registered and properly used under FIFRA do not require an additional CWA permit for their use in or around navigable waters.  Opponents say that without these permits, we could see a growth in rivers, lakes and streams, including drinking water, impaired by pesticide contamination.

Date Passed by House 5/24/17


H.R. 1039 Probation Officer Protection Act of 2017  Amends the federal criminal code to authorize a probation officer to arrest a person (i.e., a person other than the probationer) without a warrant if there is probably cause to believe the person forcibly assaulted or obstructed a probation officer engaged in the performance of official duties.

Date Passed by House 5/19/17


H.R. 115 Thin Blue Line Act  Makes it easier to seek the death penalty for killing or attempting to kill first responders.

Date Passed by House 5/18/17


H.R. 1628 American Health Care Act (AHCA).  The bill passed by the House Republicans to “repeal and replace” Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood.

Date Passed by House 5/4/17

Date Senate Voted to Reject 7/28/17


H.R. 2192  Removes the exemptions of Members of Congress from The American Health Care Act (H.R.1628) so that Members of Congress face the same health care options as other Americans.

Date Passed by House 5/4/17


H.R. 1180 Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017  Allows employers to offer employees time off instead of pay for overtime work.

Date Passed by House 5/2/17


H.R. 1694 Fannie and Freddie Open Records Act of 2017  Requires Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. 

Date Passed by House 4/27/17


H.R. 1695 Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017 Moves the Register of Copyrights position from the Library of Congress to report directly to the President.

Date Passed by House 4/26/17


H.R. 1219 Supporting America's Innovators Act of 2017  Increases the limit on the number of individuals who can invest in certain venture capital funds from 100 to 250 before those funds must register as ‘‘investment companies’’ with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Date Passed by House 4/6/17


H.R. 1304 Self-Insurance Protection Act  Stop-loss insurance, which protects employers who self-insure their employees' health insurance from catastrophic claims expenses, is not regulated, and therefore fragments the market and undermines market reforms in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  This bill codifies that stop-loss insurance is exempt from the definition of "health insurance coverage" and therefore does not have to comply with many of the ACA’s market reforms.

Date Passed by House 4/5/17


H.R. 1343 Encouraging Employee Ownership Act of 2017   Directs the Securities and Exchange Commission to revise its rules so as to increase the threshold amount for requiring issuers to provide certain disclosures relating to compensatory benefit plans, allowing some financial institutions to avoid appropriate oversight.

Date Passed by House 4/4/17


H.R.1431 EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2017  Would allow the EPA Science Advisory Board to be dominated by industry representatives, while making it more difficult for academics to serve.  And would not allow academic members to participate in discussions that cite their own peer-reviewed research, while not curbing the participation of industry representatives.

Date Passed by House 3/30/17


H.R. 1430 Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment (HONEST) Act of 2017  Requires the EPA to make public all raw data from studies relied on in creating new rules.  (Since much public health research data can't be legally disclosed due to privacy laws, data would have to be redacted, costing millions of dollars and causing lengthy delays.)

Date Passed by House 3/29/17


*S.J.Res. 34  Repealed rules which gave consumers the tools they need to choose how their Internet Service Providers use and share their personal data.

(Mimi Walters was an original co-sponsor of the House version of this bill, H.J.Res.86, which was replaced by this bill.)

Date Passed by House 3/28/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/23/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 4/2/17


H.R. 372 Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017  Removes the antitrust exemption for insurance providers. (The McCarran–Ferguson Act of 1945 exempts the business of insurance from most federal regulation, including federal antitrust laws to a limited extent). 

Date Passed by House 3/22/17



H.R. 1101 Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2017  Allows small businesses to provide insurance through trade and professional associations (that may not be covered by state laws)

Date Passed by House 3/22/17


H.R. 1367  To improve the authority of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to hire and retain physicians and other employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Date Passed by House 3/17/17


H.R. 1181 Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act  Allows veterans judged mentally ill by the VA to buy guns unless a judicial authority finds the vet to be a danger to himself or others.

Date Passed by House 3/16/17


H.R. 1259 VA Accountability First Act of 2017  Provides for the removal or demotion of employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs based on performance or misconduct.

Date Passed by House 3/16/17

(Date Passed Into Law by President:  See S. 1094 Passed by House 6/13/17)


H.R. 720 Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2017  Reinstate punishments for attorneys, law firms, and parties involved in frivolous lawsuits filed in federal court.  Directs Judges to put monetary sanctions on lawyers who file frivolous lawsuits or to dismiss the case or strike the pleadings.  Opposed by the American Bar Association and the Judicial Conference of the U.S. for creating "a cure worse than the problem it meant to solve."

Date Passed by House 3/10/17


H.R. 725 Innocent Party Protection Act  Changes the process federal courts use to determine whether a case should be removed from a state court to a federal court because the parties to the suit are citizens of different states, making it more difficult for plaintiffs to pursue state law claims in state courts.

Date Passed by House 3/9/17


H.R. 985 Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017  Severely limits who may participate in class action suits, requiring class members to suffer “the same type and scope of injury;" cuts down on the damages a guilty company would pay. Imposes restrictions on lawyers filing class action suits.

Date Passed by House 3/9/17


H.R.1301 - Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2017  Provides FY2017 appropriations to the Department of Defense (DOD) for military activities, including appropriations for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)/ Global War on Terrorism. (Later incorporated into H.R.244 - Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017, which was passed by voice vote.)

Date Passed by House 3/8/17


H.R. 1004 Regulatory Integrity Act of 2017  Requires federal agencies to post in a central location all public comments the agency makes about a proposed rule during the proposed rule stage.  Prohibits agencies from actively soliciting support for a proposed rule during the phase that is meant to gather public input on possible regulatory action, and from making statements that directly advocate for or against any pending regulatory action.

Date Passed by House 3/2/17


*H.J.Res. 83  Repealed a rule that clarified that employers have a continuing obligation to maintain accurate records of serious workplace injuries and illnesses for up to five years.

Date Passed by House 3/1/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/22/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 4/3/17


H.R. 998 SCRUB Act (Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome Act)  Establishes a commission to review federal regulations to determine if any should be repealed.   Mandates "Cut-Go" Procedures: the cost of every new rule must be offset by the repeal of another rule or rules.

Date Passed by House 3/1/17


H.R. 1009 OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act  Requires the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs to review regulations and to convene a working group to be known as the Regulatory Working Group.

Date Passed by House 3/1/17


*H.J.Res. 43  Repealed the rule requiring state and local governments to distribute federal funds to qualified health centers even if they perform abortions.

Date Passed by House 2/16/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/30/17

Date Passed Into Law by President 4/13/17


*H.J.Res. 69  Repealed the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule which helped protect bears, wolves and other iconic carnivores on federal public lands to conserve natural ecosystems that benefit all Americans.

Date Passed by House 2/16/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/21/17

Date Passed Into Law by President 4/3/17


*H.J.Res. 42  Overturns the regulation that allowed states to drug test recipients of unemployment insurance only if they were fired for using a controlled substance or if the only suitable employment available to them required drug screening.  Would instead allow states to deny unemployment benefits or food stamps to anyone failing a drug test.

Date Passed by House 2/15/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/14/17

Date Signed Into Law by President  3/31


*H.J.Res. 66  Repealed a law that allowed states to design and operate payroll deduction savings programs for private-sector employees, including programs that use automatic enrollment.

Date Passed by House 2/15/17

Date Passed by Senate 5/3/17

Date Signed Into Law by President  5/17/17


*H.J.Res.67  Repealed a rule which amended the one repealed under H.J.Res.66 and which expanded the regulation beyond states to include qualified local governments.

Date Passed by House 2/15/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/30/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 4/13/17


H.R.428 - Red River Gradient Boundary Survey Act  Directs the Bureau of Land Management to commission a survey to identify the South Bank boundary line with respect to land along a specified 116-mile stretch of the Red River in Oklahoma and Texas (the affected area). 

Date Passed by House 2/14/17


*H.J.Res. 44  Repealed a regulation which opened up the process by which federal land use plans are developed to a variety of stakeholders, including states, local governments, groups with an interest in outdoor recreation or environmental protection, and the public at large. It also allowed for landscape scale planning, meaning that a land use plan could include areas across state lines, helping with large-scale issues like combating wildfire and conserving wildlife habitat.

Date Passed by House 2/7/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/7/17

Date Passed Into Law by President 3/27/17


*H.J.Res. 57  Overturned a regulation that placed federal requirements on systems developed by states to hold schools accountable to parents and taxpayers for their performance. 

Date Passed by House 2/7/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/9/17

Date Passed Into Law by President 3/27/17



*H.J.Res. 58  Repealed a regulation that imposed a new federal standard for measuring the preparation of teachers and determining their eligibility for federal TEACH Grants, which go to teachers that specialize in a certain subject or commit to working in low-income areas.

Date Passed by House 2/7/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/8/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 3/27/17


*H.J.Res. 36  Nullifies the Bureau of Land Management’s "Methane Rule" which sought to reduce the venting of gas on federal lands by prohibiting it except in the case of an emergency or if flaring is infeasible

(Mimi Walters was a co-sponsor of this bill.)

Date Passed by House 2/3/17

Date Senate Voted to Reject 5/10/17


*H.J.Res. 37  Repealed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order that required contractors to comply with workplace laws before receiving new government contracts.

Date Passed by House 2/2/17

Date Passed by Senate 3/6/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 3/27/17


*H.J.Res. 40  Repealed a rule that would have prevented individuals with severe mental disabilities from purchasing firearms.

Date Passed by House 2/2/17

Date Passed by Senate 2/15/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 2/28/17


*H.J.Res. 38  Repealed the Stream Protection Rule which helped to make sure communities did not get stuck with the horrible consequences of toxic water pollution from industrial coal mining operations.

Date Passed by House 2/1/17

Date Passed by Senate 2/2/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 2/16/17


*H.J.Res. 41  Nullifies the rule, mandated under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, that required energy companies to disclose payments ("bribes") made to foreign governments.

Date Passed by House 2/1/17

Date Passed by Senate 2/3/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 2/14/17


H.R. 7 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017  Permanent ban on the use of federal funds for abortion or health care coverage that includes abortions

Date Passed by House 1/24/17


S. Con.Res. 3  Budget resolution to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Date Passed by House 1/13/17

Date Passed by Senate 1/12/17


S. 84  Provided for an exception to a limitation against appointment of persons as Secretary of Defense within seven years of relief from active duty as a regular commissioned officer of the Armed Forces.  (Waiver allowing James Mattis to be Secretary of Defense).

Date Passed by House 1/13/17

Date Passed by Senate 1/12/17

Date Signed Into Law by President 1/20/17


H.R. 78 SEC Regulatory Accountability Act  Directs the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct a pre-adoption cost-benefit analysis as well as a data-driven post-adoption review of how well a regulation is working to solve the concern the rule was designed to address.

Date Passed by House 1/12/17


H.R. 238 Commodity End-User Relief Act  Reauthorizes the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) through 2021, after its last authorization expired in September 2013.  Several existing regulatory protections that apply to firms involved in futures markets would be made into law.

Date Passed by House 1/12/17


H.R. 5 Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017  Mandates agencies to meet multiple lengthy procedural requirements before issuing rules and protective standards generated by new legislation, with an emphasis on finding the least costly regulations.  Prohibits judges conducting judicial reviews from deferring to agency interpretations of ambiguous statutory terms. 

(Mimi Walters is a co-sponsor of this bill)

Date Passed by House 1/11/17


H.R. 79 HALOS Act:  Helping Angels Lead Our Startups Act   Makes it easier for startup businesses to attract investments from angel investors  under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Regulation D. 

Date Passed by House 1/10/17


H.Res. 11  Expressed the opposition of the House to a United Nations Security Council resolution that criticized Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank for undermining the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

(Mimi Walters was a co-sponsor of this resolution.)

Date Passed by House 1/5/17


H.R. 26 REINS Act:  Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017  Requires that all new major regulations must be approved by a specific resolution in both houses of Congress within 70 days to take effect. If a Congressional resolution of approval is not enacted within that period, the rule would not take effect.

(Mimi Walters is a co-sponsor of this bill.)

Date Passed by House 1/5/17


H.R.21 Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017  Amends the Congressional Review Act to allow Congress to disapprove multiple regulations simultaneously that federal agencies have submitted for congressional review within the last 60 legislative days of a session of Congress during the final year of a President's term.

Date Passed by House 1/4/17


H.Res. 5 Adopting Rules for the One Hundred Fifteenth Congress  New controversial rules include:

--Lifted the requirement that CBO estimate the costs for the usual 50 year time frame on a repeal of Obamacare

--Reimplemented the 1876 Holman Rule, permitting a member of Congress to suggest cutting any federal program or reducing any federal worker's salary, potentially to as little as $1

--Made it easier for government to sell off federal land

--Fines House members for taking or streaming video from the House floor

Date Passed by House 1/3/17



* These (asterisked) bills were passed under the rules of the Congressional Review Act which empowers Congress to overrule new federal regulations within 60 days of the proposed effective date of the rule, by passage of a joint resolution, using an expedited process in the Senate which requires only a simple (filibuster-proof) majority for passage.