Candidates in 2018

Updated 6/6/18

California 45th is a nonpartisan group which does not endorse a single candidate or party. The information below is presented as a resource for you to do your own research regarding candidates for the California 45th Congressional Seat. The following information has been provided directly by the candidates, or taken from their public profiles (we have edited only for formatting and not for content). Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Only candidates who have filed the required paperwork with the Federal Election Commission are listed here.

Katie Porter

As a consumer advocate and public interest attorney, Katie Porter has spent nearly twenty years fighting powerful interests and Wall Street banks on behalf of consumers and families. She’s a national leader in consumer protection and has won big victories against financial institutions who cheat consumers.

Before the housing bubble burst, Katie was one of the first to sound the alarm about Wall Street’s predatory practices targeting homeowners, winning recognition from the New York Times and many others.

In 2012, then Attorney General Kamala Harris appointed Katie to be California’s watchdog against the banks. The banks had promised to pay billions to homeowners they cheated, and Harris appointed Katie to make sure the banks followed through. Katie and her team held the banks’ feet to the fire, securing billions and helping tens of thousands of families move forward with their lives.

As an advocate, Katie has sought reforms that help families get a fair shake in our economy. She has been a key player in the fight against abusive credit card fees and, in 2010, helped pass important federal credit card protections for families. Katie has collaborated extensively with Elizabeth Warren, her former law school professor, in efforts to stop powerful financial institutions from ripping off consumers. She has written three books that document how Washington special interests skew our laws and cut off the legal rights of families who play by the rules.

Katie’s most-rewarding job is being a mom to her three children. They live in Irvine, where she is a long-time den mom in her sons’ cub scout pack. Katie is a tenured law professor at University of California Irvine and teaches consumer law.

Mimi Walters

Mimi Walters was elected to the House of Representatives in November 2014. Tabbed as the “voice of the House GOP freshman” by a media outlet recently, Walters serves on the House Republican Leadership team, where she fights for:

Strong Defense and National Security

Fiscally Responsible Government

Private Property Rights

Lower taxes, Economic Growth and Job Creation

Prior to her election to the House of Representatives, Mimi represented Orange County in the State Senate and Assembly. She possesses a background in business, finance and local government. Her professional career has included serving as an investment executive for seven years at a major investment banking firm.

Walters currently serves as Maggie’s List’s Congressional Chair for the 114th Congress, an organization dedicated to electing fiscally conservative women to Congress. Recently, Mimi was named one of Orange County’s 100 Most Influential of 2014 by the Orange County Register.

A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, Mimi and her husband, David, live in Orange County with their four children.