Contact Mimi Walters

Washington D.C. Office - (202) 225-5611

Irvine, CA Office - (949) 263-8703


The best and easiest way for you to influence Rep. Mimi Walters is to call her office and leave a message with a member of her staff.  We've put together some helpful tips for you:


Have a single issue in mind, and keep it simple.

Try to phrase it as "I am for ____" or "I am against ____".  The person on the other end of the phone is going to enter your call into their computer and the simpler your message, the more likely they are to get it right.


Be nice!

If you're calling in to share a concern, you can't assume that the person on the other end of the phone agrees with all of Mimi's positions. A lot of the time the person you're talking to is a college intern on a short-term assignment.


Identify yourself as a constituent.

Give them your address. If you don't, then it's like you never called. They won't record it.


tell them you're a member of the California 45th group.

Our hope is that they start tracking how many of our members call in, which will make it easier for us to establish credibility and communications with their office.


Assume they won't have answers.

We know this is frustrating, but it's true. If you ask them why Mimi did something, they probably don't know. It's better to start your question with, "Do you know why?" rather than "Why?"


Request a response.

By requesting a response you'll ensure that your message was entered into the system, and you'll get an official statement from Mimi that she may not otherwise publicize. Email those letters to with your personal information removed or blocked out so we can track her positions.


Say thank you.

It's just polite.


Log Your Call.

Here in the 45th Congressional District, we deal in verifiable facts. Data goes hand in hand with our call for accountability. That's why we have created a form where constituents can record their interactions with Rep. Walters’ office and her staff. This will help you get a digital record of your calls, letters, and visits. The data will also help us get a deeper understanding of what issues or concerns are most important to you.