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Guangdong Jinye Built “Scientific & Technological Engine” by Taking Projects as its Starting Point


Every scientific research project should have a leader and every leader should sign the statement of work. The “Working Conference of Scientific Research Projects” held by Guangdong Jinye Technical Center on July 23rd has nailed down the overall operating scheme which took projects as its starting point.

To keep its best-in-class processing and technology superiority is the core driving force of Guangdong Jinye to achieve a rapid growth. In recent years, the competition was increasingly fierce in the Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf industry. Under the tremendous pressure brought about by fast growing competitors, the company has developed the strategy to drive the research on cutting-edge and advanced Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf processing technologies and achievement transformation through project management.

Up to now, based on the developing tendency of Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf sector, Guangdong Jinye Technical Center has teased out 19 scientific& technological projects according to the demands of industrial enterprises and each project was provided with a “statement of work” to specify the deadline, major leader as well as the subsequent promotion mechanism with a view to keep the progress of project under follow-up and supervision.

Till now, a total of 4 scientific& technological projects of the Technical Center, including the mixed extraction project, have already stepped into the stage of achievement transformation.

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