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Yongzhou Samshiang Delivered a Keynote Speech at “International Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of Energy Oil Plant Resources 2015”


On August 5th, the “International Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of Energy Oil Plant Resources 2015” sponsored by the State Ministry of Science and Technology and organized by Hunan Academy of Forestry was kicked off in Changsha. About 20 scientific and technical personnel from relevant fields of Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries attended the Workshop.

Yongzhou Samshiang Flavours & Fragrances Corporation was the only company that was invited to deliver the keynote speech on behalf of Chinese enterprises on August 14th. The company representative has made an introduction of the development status quo of Huabao Group and Yongzhou Samshiang Flavours & Fragrances Corporation to the participants, and given an elaboration entitled “Fine Processing of Natural Spice Plant Products – Product Standardization” targeted at the status quo of natural spice plant processing in developing countries and product standardization practice of Yongzhou Samshiang under Huabao Group. The company representative also presented a professional report on “Intensive Processing of Litsea Cubeba Oil – Preparation of Natural Aromatic Substance with Single High-Content Ingredient” and “Safety and Fine Processing Technology of Natural Perfumes”.

Overseas specialists and scholars expressed their recognition of Huabao’s scientific research capability and exchanged their opinions with Huabao on a series of problems, like sharing of Hubao’s scientific research platform, sales of Huabao’s products by proxy and joint research on the similarities and differences of their congeneric products.

The workshop lasted for 20 days and covered many aspects including selective breeding of energy oil plants, efficient oil extraction and comprehensive utilization of by-products. It was the first session of “International Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of Energy Oil Plant Resources” held by Hunan Academy of Forestry following the successful “International Workshop on Application Technology of Woody Grain and Oil Tree Species”, mainly serving the developing countries. It was an important part of Chinese scientific and technological aid to foreign countries. The Workshop has made a great contribution to the expansion of Chinese influence in the international energy oil research field and the cultivation of energy oil technical personnel for developing countries as well as the maintenance of the world energy safety.

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