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Ceremony for Enrollment of the Third Batch of Cigarette Flavorists & Graduation of the Second Batch of Senior Flavorists Went Smoothly at Huafang Owada


The ceremony for the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration’s enrollment of the third batch of cigarette flavorists and graduation of the second batch of senior flavorists went smoothly at Huafang Owada in the morning of Nov. 11th and technical backbones from tobacco companies across the country attended the event.

At the ceremony, the leaders from Senior Cigarette Flavorist Training Base of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration presented the graduation certificates to the second batch of trainees for the senior cigarette flavorist training and made an arrangement for the third batch of trainees who would participate in the 23-day cigarette flavorist training.

The training of cigarette flavorists and senior flavorists is a powerful guarantee for the cultivation of the talented cigarette flavorists who will have outstanding capabilities in both practice and innovation and can support the development of famous Chinese-style cigarette brands.

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