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SPV Electronic Cigarette Enters the First Brookstone Flagship Store in China


On the first day of 2016, Brookstone (Chinese name: Bo Si Tong) from US opened its first store in Nanjing Aqua City, China. SPV electronic cigarette enters Brookstone with the best seller V2 electronic cigarette in US and the No. 1 brand RAMIYA in South Korea. The effective customer volume reached 20,000 on the first day when it opened. 

Brookstone Flagship Store Brings Easy Surprise for Customers

Brookstone is the synonym of “peculiar” products in US and has a history of 50 years. The slogan of Brookstone is “Easy·Surprise” aiming to provide daily necessities with easy and peculiar functions so that the common people could be easily surprised when using them. Different from traditional 3C product sales stores, Brookstone not only sells novel products from the US but also provides customers with easy and free shopping experience.

Brookstone Dark Horse Popular SPV Electronic Cigarette

With fashionable appearance, new and interesting smoking experience, the SPV electronic cigarette has attracted the attention of many customers. Among customers who make inquiries and experience, there are young people born in the 1990s who pursue novelty and personality, those who are looking for cigarette substitution to stop smoking and also the new-generation smokers who pay great attention to health and life preservation. The SPV electronic cigarette is mostly received for its assistance to smoking cessation. The store is crowded with people who are trying out the products. Most of the customers speak highly of the products. Some says, “you would find it amazing when trying it personally in the store.”

SPV Platform Strategy Perfect the First Step of Offline Sales

As the host of the new cigarette circle, SPV has joined hands with world famous electronic cigarette enterprises to build up platform strategy. Under the cooperation with HISAP and the entry into Brookstone flagship store, the effective customer volume topped 90,000 the day when it opened and the daily sales exceeded RMB 9 million Yuan. Relying on the popularity of Brookstone, SPV has perfectly made its first stride in offline sales.

In 2016, SPV introduced the world popular 9 flagship products into China, including the aggressive world leader V2 from US, the veteran model XEO from Germany, the popular RAMTYA from South Korea, the gentle DEBANG from UK, as well as the fashionable & cool HALO from US. SPV has grouped together world top electronic cigarette brands for you!

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