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Secretary of Shantou Municipal Party Committee Visits Guangdong Jin Ye


On the morning of April 7, CHEN Liangxian, the newly-appointed Secretary of Shantou Municipal Party Committee and some other leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government visited Guangdong Jin Ye in the company of CHEN Xinzao, Secretary of Chaoyang District Party Committee. CHEN Liangxian highly appreciated the achievements of Guangdong Jin Ye in scientific and technological innovation, automation, environmental protection and talent team building.

CHEN Liangxian was inaugurated as Secretary of Shantou Municipal Party Committee on April 1 and chose Guangdong Jin Ye as the first stop of his enterprise investigation tour. He said, Guangdong Jin Ye was not merely a big tax-payer and key enterprise of Shantou but also the pioneer in answer to the city’s call on scientific and technological innovation and regulated development. When visiting the sewage treatment works of the company, he spoke highly of the company’s initiative to perform its social responsibilities and build up environment-friendly enterprise. He said, Guangdong Jin Ye had set a good example for all manufacturing enterprises in Shantou and was a conscientious enterprise promoting the well-being for common good.

In the end of the visit, CHEN Liangxian encouraged all staff of the company to “take responsibility under the drive of innovation and make bigger contributions to the economic development of the Chaoyang District and the City of Shantou. (text/picture by GUAN Huachen)

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