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Leaders of Sheyang County Government Paid a Visit to Huabao Group


On the morning of August 30th, 2016, Mayor of Sheyang County, Yancheng City, Mr. TANG Jing and his party came to visit Huabao Group. Mr. CHEN Cong, Mr. XUE Jinchun, General Manager of Fragrant Division of the Group and other leaderships attended the meeting.

Mr. CHEN Cong introduced the overall strategy of Huabao to Mayor TANG, expressed his faith in Yancheng Sheyang becoming an important area for Huabao’s strategy to land on, and stated that the Company would seek for further development relying on Sheyang’s advantages on location and policy, and become a boost to the local economic development of Sheyang. After listening to the overall introduction of our Company, Mayor TANG extended a warm welcome to Huabao’s landing on Yancheng. He also said, “Sheyang is a paradise for investment and entrepreneurship with its long history, and Sheyang County Party Committee and County Government will make every effort to provide support to Huabao on policies, personnel and other aspects in the landing and subsequent development of the investment projects of Huabao in Sheyang”.

After the meeting, Mayor TANG and his party visited Huabao Technology Center, accompanied by Mr. CHEN Cong.
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