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Visit and Investigation of a Delegation Led by WU Zili, Director General of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau at Guangdong Golden Leaf


On the morning of 17 November, a delegation led by WU Zili, Director-General of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, and accompanied by ZHONG Hui’e, Secretary of the Standing Committee of Shantou Municipal Party Committee and Commission for Discipline Inspection, CAI Yongming, Secretary of the Commission of Chaoyang District, and ZHANG Yuanwu, District Chief of Chaoyang District, visited Guangdong Golden Leaf Technology Development Co., Ltd. and was received by GM ZHANG Ziheng and Deputy GM FU Yuanfeng of the company.

During the visit and investigation, GM ZHANG Ziheng reported to Director-General WU and other leaders the historical development, core products, customer groups, operation in recent years and future development plan of the company, and the process and application of paper-marking RTL production, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the cares, concerns and supports of the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureaus at all levels of Shantou City.

Director-General WU indicated that the stable development of Guangdong Golden Leaf under the industrial adjustment in tobacco sector in recent years fully demonstrated the company’s brand strength and extensive technique accumulation. He was highly impressed by the excellent image of Guangdong Golden Leaf. At the same time, he pointed out the decisive role of Guangdong Golden Leaf as a company receiving key supports from the government of Chaoyang District of Shantou City and attracting great attentions from various sectors. For a long time, Guangdong Golden Leaf has strictly followed the tax policies of the state and local government, as well as took the initiative to pay taxes and make positive contributions to the economic and social development of the local. In the future, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureaus at all levels of Shantou City will continue support the leapfrog development of Guangdong Golden Leaf toward capital market in real terms by providing various tax services, launching favorable tax policies and backing investment and financing to the fullest extent.

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