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WU Zhongqiong (Vice-governor of Jiangxi Province) Met with Ms. YUAN Xiaoqin (President and Director of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances) and Her Delegation


On the morning of July 3, 2020, WU Zhongqiong (Vice-governor and member of Leading Party Group of Jiangxi Province) met with Ms. YUAN Xiaoqin (President and Director of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances) and her delegation. XIONG Keping (Deputy Secretary General of Jiangxi Provincial Government), YANG Guiping (Director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology), WU Jingyong (Shanghai Office of Jiangxi Provincial Government), ZHU Yuanfa (Deputy Director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce), WANG Xiong (member of Standing Committee of Yingtan Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of Yingtan) and YANG Peng (Director of the Management Committee of Yingtan High-tech Zone) were present the meeting.

President YUAN Xiaoqin firstly introduced the Company’s overall condition as well its investment in Yingtan for Vice-governor WU Zhongqiong and other leaders. After Ms. YUAN’s report, Vice-governor WU expressed her gratitude to the Company for its investment and business in Yingtan, Jiangxi and for its contribution to the development of local economy and society, and she also fully praised the Company’s excellent performance. WU said that, “The economic development of Jiangxi Province in recent years has ranked at the first level nationwide; Jiangxi keeps improving its business environment, and its 46 million people struggle courageously, so as to achieve the goal put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he inspected Jiangxi in May 2019. Jiangxi should set an example for high-quality development in old revolutionary base areas, and strive to go ahead in the rising of Central China. In recent years, Jiangxi Province has paid high attention to business and investment, cared for and supported enterprises, and tried to provide good business environment for each enterprise that invests in Jiangxi Province. We also hope that Huabao will settle more businesses in Yingtan and in Jiangxi Province, to facilitate the high-quality development in old revolutionary base areas and to enjoy the bonus from the rising of Central China”

President YUAN showed her gratitude to Vice-governor WU Zhongqiong and the present leaders for their care and support on the Company. President YUAN said that, “Since we established our first enterprise in Yingtan in 2011, we have invested and established several key enterprises in Yingtan successively. By now, Yingtan has become an important production base of Huabao. Since we settled in Yingtan, Yingtan City and Yingtan High-tech Zone has offered much help and support for us, and we admire the good business environment and excellent service awareness in this city. In the future, we will give priority to settling new businesses in Yingtan and in Jiangxi Province” Besides, President YUAN stated that, as the Chairman of Shanghai Food Additives & Batching Association, she would encourage and mobilize member enterprises of the Association to invest in Jiangxi Province.

The meeting enjoyed a warm atmosphere, with a lot of laughter and applause. WANG Dehua (CFO of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances), WANG Jinchuan (Director of the Purchasing Department of Huabao and General Manager of Jiangxi H&K), and YANG Cheng (General Manager of Lhasa Huabao) were also present the meeting.

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