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Guangdong Golden Leaf is bestowed the title of "Large-scale Major Cultivated Industrial Enterprise" by the Shantou Municipal Peoples Government

Correspondent /Hongchang Chen


Recently, Guangdong Golden Leaf Technology Development Co., Ltd., the only selected enterprise from Chaoyang District, was awarded the title of "Large-scale Major Cultivated Industrial Enterprise" by Shantou Municipal People's Government. On 21st November, the top leaders of the company attended the Conference of Accelerating Transformation and Upgrading of Industry and Economy of Shantou City and received the honorary plaque on behalf of the company.

19 enterprises have participated the selection of "Large-scale Major Cultivated Industrial Enterprise" in Shantou. GuangDong Golden leaf, the No. 001 "key protection enterprise" in ChaoYang District, is the only selected enterprises. This not only reflects the company’s spirit of working hard, being practical and striving for the No.1, but also reflects the recognition of municipal and district government to the company. Guangdong Golden Leaf will continue to create innovation with its hard work and make contribution to the development of Shantou.

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