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Shanghai Huabao Was Awarded the Title of “Patent Pilot Company of Shanghai City”


Huabao Food Flavours & Fragrances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was certified as the “Patent Pilot Company of Shanghai City” by Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration recently. The award not only reflects the leading position of the Company in product technologies among the similar companies, but also signifies its outstanding performance in the field of intellectual property. The honorary title of “Patent Pilot Company of Shanghai City” also enables the Company to win a premium of RMB 400,000 Yuan in total. The Company plans to spend the bonus and even more expenditure in the technological innovation and patent protection.

Shanghai Huabao has long highly valued the technological research & development work and has achieved great achievements since its establishment. The Company has obtained a total of 67 patents for inventions, 1 patent for utility model and 12 patents for industrial designs by far. Huabao will continue expanding its investment in scientific research & development and strengthening the management and protection of intellectual property, so as to create an atmosphere favorable to scientific research & development and assist the Company in continuing its growth and creating a much more splendid future. 

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