Join our Facebook Group

We host a private Facebook Group for our members to talk about issues facing the California 45th Congressional District, and to coordinate on action items and upcoming events.

    All reasonable and respectful residents of the 45th are welcome and encouraged to join.

    Basic guidelines:

    • No trolling.
    • No offensive content.
    • No personal attacks.
    • ESPECIALLY no attacks or ridicule whatsoever of minor children. Disrespectful discussion posts about children under 18 years old, for example the President’s youngest child, will not be tolerated here. Keep the discussion for and about people who have reached voting age.
    • No posting of unreasonable or unreliable data. We must deal in fact rather than peddling memes and false propaganda — check your sources.
    • Keep conversation civil and supportive.
    • Participate, discuss, engage, take positive and civilized action.
    • This group is focused on residents of the 45th district, and for that reason, some join-requests from out of the area may be denied to ensure that this is a productive and local group.

    If you would like to join the group, visit us on Facebook and send a request. We vet all new members to make sure they live in the California 45th, and we moderate content to make sure it's reasoned and respectful.

    When you request to join, you'll receive a message from one of our moderators asking you a few questions. Keep an eye out for it!