Informational Flyers

Updated 10/23/18

Here we provide downloadable PDF formats of all our informational flyers, as well as links to the sources we used in creating them.  We encourage you to click through and learn as much as you can.



Mimi Walters: Votes and Donations

We’ve been tracking campaign contributions and Mimi Walters’ votes. How well do they align? How well do they represent the district? See our latest flyer for more information.

A pdf version of the flyer is available here.


NPP Voters may vote in june 2018 primary

for a pdf version of this flyer click here

CA 45 Flyer NPP info_LINKS_June18.jpg

100 Days of Mimi walters-2017

Transparency in Government-2017

Environmental Information Flyer-2017

Immigration Information Flyer-2017

California 45th Informational Flyer-2017

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