DACA recipients turn up the pressure on Mimi Walters, local Congress members

"(Mimi) Walters and (Ed) Royce, whose districts both have public universities and and community colleges, have been particularly targeted by activists. Their districts have considerable Latino and Asian populations, which are among the most fervent supporters of DACA. Royce’s district is 34 percent Latino and 32 percent Asian. Walters’ district is 18 percent Latino and 44 percent Asian.

Reflecting those demographics, Asians — and particularly Koreans — have been prominent in the pro-DACA activism in the two districts. The largest portion of Asian DACA recipients are Korean, with 7,700 nationwide and about two-thirds of those in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, according to Yongho Kim of the Korean Resource Center.

The Korean Resource Center has co-sponsored the three DACA demonstrations at Walters’ office this month, as well as last month’s rally at UC Irvine.

“KRC has focused more on Walters because she hasn’t taken a stance (yet) on citizenship and she represents a district with a large number of DACA eligible young people,” said Kim, who is hoping Walters can be persuaded to support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. Royce has said he favors allowing those currently protected by the program to remain legally in the country, but opposes a path to citizenship."

From The Orange County Register, 11/10/17.