Media Advisory: FRIDAY AT 3PM: Constituents Rally to Demand Rep. Walters Address the Concerns of Her Constituents

CONTACT: Phone -  Acecy Buensuceso (949-750-6112) or Jessica Riegert (760-580-5691)

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FRIDAY AT 3PM: Constituents Rally to Demand Rep. Walters Address the Concerns of Her Constituents

Irvine, CA— On Friday, February 24, hundreds of residents of the 45th Congressional District will gather at the Irvine office of Representative Mimi Walters to demand that the Congresswoman start listening to the concerns of her constituents and representing their interests.

Ignoring constituents has become a routine for Mimi Walters. Her office has regularly refused to provide meaningful responses to constituents seeking answers through phone calls and emails. The Congresswoman has even been locking the doors of her Irvine office for weeks to avoid hearing the myriad of concerns expressed by the constituents she was elected to represent.  Mimi Walters’ unwillingness to hear, let alone address, the issues raised by local residents has galvanized a community that is tired of being ignored. Growing crowds of constituents are gathering weekly to express their frustration with Mimi Walters’ intransigence and demand that the Congresswoman start doing her job.

The protests will continue on Friday at the Congresswoman’s Irvine office, where hundreds will gather to demand that the Congresswoman: (1) schedule regular town hall meetings to listen to her constituents; (2) stop supporting legislation that will accelerate global warming and have disastrous consequences for our environment; (3) defend her constituents from Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda, regardless of their religious beliefs or national origin; and (4) protect women’s reproductive rights by fighting against attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.

WHAT:  Constituents petition Mimi Walters to address their demands.

WHERE: Representative Walters’ Office 3333 Michelson Drive Suite 230 Irvine, CA 92612

WHEN: Friday, February 24, 2017, 3 p.m.

WHO: Hundreds of people, representing a broad coalition of concerned, unaffiliated residents of the 45th District, will participate and voice their concerns to Congresswoman Walters. Organizational support for this meeting is being provided by Coast Federation of Educators, California 45th, Indivisible OC, Orange is the New Blue, the Orange County chapter of the Democratic Socialist of America and Together We Will, as well as a variety of other local organizations.

“Mimi Walters has a responsibility to represent all of the constituents of this district, not only her donors,” said Lisa Pinedo, a member of California 45th. “Yet, she refuses a town hall and calls us paid activists and evil.  I'm an ordinary citizen who would much rather spend my time knitting instead of having to protest to be heard by my Congresswoman.”

This action builds upon weeks of phone calls and visits to Mimi Walters’ offices attempting to relay constituent concerns to the Congresswoman. Representative Walters has refused requests for meetings, and her staff has claimed the Congresswoman is unavailable for town halls with ordinary constituents. Instead of attempting to understand or respond to the legitimate concerns of 45th Congressional District residents, Mimi Walters has tried to use their frustration and fears as a fundraising tool, asking for contributions from her wealthy financiers to fight against constituents that want to hold her accountable. Despite the Congresswoman’s repeated attempts at obstruction, residents of the 45th District continue to demand that Mimi Walters hears and serves the people she is supposed to represent.

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