Democrats, Hoping to Retake House, Walk Tightrope in Unlikely Places

from the New York Times, 7/14/2017

"ANAHEIM, Calif. — Eileen Aispur tried to contain a bless-your-heart-level giggle as she listened to David Min, a Democrat, explain why she should consider him for a House seat representing this hill-ringed, steamy district south of Los Angeles. “We’re all Republicans here,” she blurted.

Still, he persisted. “I’m a fiscally responsible Democrat,” said Mr. Min, a law professor and one of a flock of Democrats seeking to leverage President Trump’s vulnerabilities to unseat House Republicans across the country. “If you don’t approve of the Trump agenda, I’m providing an alternative.”

After several losses in special elections in heavily Republican districts, Democrats’ efforts to win back the House are focusing largely on affluent suburban districts — in Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Southern California — where Hillary Clinton prevailed in her failed bid for the White House."