Daniel Dillon (Orange/92869)

In January 2017, I found myself joining a crowd of thousands of passionate people concerned about the future. This inspired me to turn to technology and create a small social media group, website, and mini-campaign of expression to see if anyone would join me in expressing frustration to power. Those simple actions put me in touch with a team of amazing people motivated for positive change centered on a simple demand: engagement with our elected officials who accepted the job to represent us here in the California’s 45th district. I believe that the greatness and strength we have in the US comes from the American people and their active participation. This is part of my participation.   

As an engineer, my long-held interest in how technology and communication influence human lives and civil rights has grown over the years- particularly as they relate to the 1st and 4th Amendments. I believe that as we express ourselves more via electronic media and as our digital gadgets have become the modern equivalent of our papers and effects, these issues become increasingly important even when our society willingly gives up privacy rights. 

Southern California has always been home and I feel fortunate to be able to raise my family here in Orange County’s 45th district.  It is my hope that we can engage with our elected representatives to ensure that make the people and families in our district the top priority instead of the needs of corporations with big political donations or politicians with ill-conceived party allegiance.