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Alexandra Cole macias (Mission Viejo/92691)

I work on surveys and data analysis, and have lived in the district since 1992 when I started graduate school at UC Irvine. After receiving my Ph.D. in Political Science, I briefly ran the survey research center at Chapman University, and I've taught at UCI, Chapman University, and Irvine Valley College. I am currently a Professor of Political Science at CSU Northridge. My husband and I reside in Mission Viejo with our four children. After studying political participation for many years, I find the formation of citizen groups such as California 45th a positive development in the district and am proud to be associated with it.


Erin Goodrich (ANAHEIM HILLS 92807)

Born and raised in the 45th District, Erin has lived here all of her life, grew up in our local schools and now raises her children here. She was brought up in a family that values education, resourcefulness, debate and tolerance. Over more than 30 years she has watched our community change and grow. She works in wealth management locally and can see much of the complexity that surrounds the current political discourse and how it affects many of the people she serves on different levels and touches each of our lives everyday.

A No Party Preference voter she votes no party line. She tries to foster conversation that can bring the various sides of these multitudes of issues closer together through tolerance and respect as well as fact. She likes to think about each issue in terms not only of its cost, but its value as well. She believes it is important to ask ourselves what our responsibility is to ourselves, our families, our community and future generations when looking at issues and is passionate about making sure as voters we are better informed at a local level and that our representatives do what they are called to - represent our community not themselves.


judy kaufman (irvine)

Raised by fairly typical New York Jewish Democratic, strongly pro-labor, pro-civil rights public school teachers in a NJ suburb, I was a music major in college and graduate school, then became a Music Librarian at Stony Brook University on Long Island, and then moved into university library administration. A single mom, I moved to Irvine in 1994, with two young daughters, two cats, and a dog, to become an administrator in the UCI libraries. 

I retired in 2007, married a UCI professor who studies educational inequality, and was quite politically active for a while, but really went into high gear after Trump was elected.  I was angry and wanted to do something meaningful with my anger.  The CA45th group impressed me for being non-partisan and insisting on civility.  I discovered that people were hungry for facts about bills coming up for votes, so that they could give Mimi input on them.  So the next thing I knew, although I have no legislative research training, just a love of research and training as a librarian, it became my “job” in the group to post every weekend on the bills coming up for roll call votes, and also to report on bills sponsored and co-sponsored by Mimi.  I feel very fortunate to live in one of the potentially “flippable” districts, and to have found a group – albeit a virtual one -  where I feel at home, and where I can participate in a meaningful way.  My NYC friends who live in solidly Democratic districts are actually envious, because it’s hard for them to find such a meaningful way to do something with their anger.

In my spare time, I still play music and also pursue my interest in Jungian psychology – indeed I am the President of the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County.  And I just became a grandmother, the best job of all.

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lisa pinedo (orange/92869)

A Southern California native, I moved to Orange County in 1993, and moved to CA45 after my husband and I married in 2010. 

A self professed crafty geek, I happily spend my time making all types of things, primarily fiber arts (knitting, spinning yarn, embroidery, and the like) and have recently started dabbling in painting. Some of you may have seen a bit of my work at various town halls and forums right here in District 45. Unfortunately, my creations bring in virtually zero income, so I work retail to pay the bills. 

I was never politically active, I figured filling out my ballot and dropping it in the mail fulfilled my civic duty, but then November ‘16 happened. It really opened my eyes, and made me realize how important that stuff I dozed through in Government class in high school really was. I didn’t even know who my Congresswoman was, much less what she stood for. 

In my pursuit of knowledge, I joined several politically minded facebook groups, and I appreciated California 45th’s emphasis on People Over Party. There are so many groups trying to flip districts, but this was the first one I found that was trying to get to the heart of the district to find out what really concerns the constituents and how they are being represented. 

When the group started rapidly expanding a call for moderation help was made and I volunteered, despite having no political background whatsoever. Being a part of this group has taught me many things, most importantly that not being politically active is not an option anymore.