MIMI WALTERS – Majority Party and President Trump Vote Agreement

Updated January 21, 2018


There are many different methods of counting Mimi Walters’s votes and comparing them to President Trump’s and House Majority Leader Ryan’s.  For example, https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/mimi-walters/ keeps track of many, but not all of Walters’ roll call votes on bills and resolutions, and includes some votes on motions leading up to final votes on bills as well as final votes on bills and resolutions.


Because there are many different ways of counting votes, there are different percentages published for Walters’ agreement with President Trump - fivethirtyeight.com currently has this number at 98.4%. 


Our list of Walters’ votes https://www.california45th.com/aye-votes-walters/  is the only list we know of that includes every single roll call vote that Walters made on bills and resolutions, where the vote was the final vote for that bill or resolution.  Our list includes bills and resolutions with the following prefixes:




H.J. Res.





(Our list does not include voice votes on bills and resolutions, which are used for non-controversial measures in which close to unanimous passage is expected.)


Because Mimi Walters has voted for every single bill that Speaker of the House Ryan has brought up for a vote, her Ryan agreement score is:


·      100%


And because Ryan has only brought one bill (H.R. 3364) for a vote that President Trump was against (although he ended up signing it into law), her Trump agreement score is:


·      99.1%