"I think it's really important for members of Congress to be in their district and talk to their constituents and hear what their constituents have to say."

— Rep. Mimi Walters, Fox News March 19th 2015

The last time Mimi Walters hosted an in person public event for her constituents was October 12th, 2016. She admitted on the AM 870 "Sunday Morning Newsmakers" show on April 2, 2017 that she wouldn't hold a town hall because she might "say something that will be used against [her] in the next campaign." Here is the interview:


Since her re-election to Congress in 2016, Walters has only hosted 'telephone town halls' or teleconferences. This type of event differs from an in person town hall in that questions are pre-screened and constituents are not able to follow up their questions.

In 2018, Walters hosted a "Wildfire and Disaster Preparedness Telephone Town Hall" on February 26. The transcript for this teleconference is available here.

In 2017, Walters had two 'telephone town halls,' or teleconferences. The first was May 1, 2017, and the second on August 23, 2017. Walters has not made public transcripts of these teleconferences, though sound clips from her May 1, 2017 teleconference are available here, and a recording of the August 23, 2017 teleconference is available here.

Mimi Walters’ staff has responded to constituents' questions about the nature and frequency of town hall meetings Walters has had while serving as Congressional Representative for CA-45 by providing the following list. We welcome any corrections to this list, or additional information if it exists.





Representative Walters says it's important to be here listening to us, but there is no evidence that she is living her own words.  She owes all of us a chance to be heard — whether we agree with her or not.  She's avoiding people who voted for her just as much as the people who didn't.

Many of her constituents have called, written letters, sent emails, and walked into her office in Irvine and in Washington D.C. to ask if she plans to schedule any kind of public event like a town hall, but so far we've received no response other than a generic, "We'll pass along your message."