We are a nonpartisan constituent group based in the California 45th Congressional District.



We promote reason and respect in local politics.




It’s so easy to be distracted these days — distracted by the latest scandal, tragedy, rumor, or other shocking news. Not here though; here we are focused.  We are focused on real facts that are verifiable and true, and we are focused on the accountability of the leaders of the 45th district.


While we are a grassroots organization, we are not inexperienced people. Our membership includes educated, skilled professionals whom we use to our advantage in accomplishing our goals.


We believe when two people disagree respectfully, they both leave the conversation enriched. We do not define ourselves by a specific ideology, and we welcome diversity of thought and background — the only limitation on our tolerance is towards those who would exploit it to push anti-diversity views.



We may be angry, we may be afraid, we may have conviction, but we are not mean.


We won’t let the seriousness of the task at hand stop us from having a good time.


We come to each conversation with research, respect, intellectuality, and civility.


Logic is our sword and common sense our shield.



We will ensure our leaders represent the 45th with reason and respect, or we’ll replace them with others who will.



Fractured: You are either red or blue.

Healed: We’re all just people.


Harsh: You see only one correct way.

Flexible: We find middle ground.


Ignored: You feel like nobody is listening.

Understood: We know we’ve been heard.


Competitive: You believe someone must win.

Collaborative: We’re all in this together.


Would you like to help?